Suède : l'équipement en ordinateur individuel accroît les inégalités

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28 Nov 2019 00:07 - 28 Nov 2019 00:14 #22511 par Loys
Publication du rapport 2019 de l'IFAU : "A laptop for every child? The impact of ICT on educational outcomes"


Classrooms all over the world are becoming increasingly technologically advanced. Many schools today provide a personal laptop or tablet to each pupil for use both in the classroom and at home. The intent of these 1:1 programs is that information and communication technology (ICT) should be extensively involved in the teaching of all subjects. We investigate how pupils who are given a personal laptop or tablet, rather than having more limited computer access, are affected in terms of educational performance.By surveying schools in 26 Swedish municipalities regarding the implementation of 1:1 programs and combining this information with administrative data, we estimate the impact on educational outcomes using a difference-in-differences design. We find no significant impact on standardized tests in mathematics or language on average, nor do we find an impact on the probability of being admitted to upper secondary school or the students’ choice of educational track. However, our results indicate that 1:1 initiativesmay increase inequality in education by worsening math skills and decreasing enrollment in college-preparatory programs in upper secondary school among students with lower educated parents

We also examine if the impact differs depending on if the schools use laptops or tablets. These results indicate that tablets may bring about some negativeeffects on student performance.

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21 Mai 2023 12:04 - 21 Mai 2023 12:05 #24465 par Loys
Dans "Le Monde" (abonnés) du 21/05/23 : "La Suède juge les écrans responsables de la baisse du niveau des élèves et veut un retour aux manuels scolaires"

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Dernière édition: 21 Mai 2023 12:05 par Loys.

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